Locke Cole (blackjack777) wrote,
Locke Cole

visible to good only

I am... completely going nuts.

I still can't think straight. I can't remember what I've done the past hour. I have huge gaping holes in my memory... I can't have been sleeping the whole time, can I?

Sometimes... I can't even remember who Zell is. I don't recognize him and I get angry that he's holding me... but then I remember. I'm sorry Zell, I'm sorry I keep doing that to you.

I have to struggle to remember things that I know I remembered yesterday. Everytime I "wake up" I try to go through a list of important things I'm supposed to remember. Sometimes I forget I even have a list... if I hadn't written "REMEMBER" across my arm I would forget to try to remember.

Does that make any sense?

Nothing makes any sense to me anymore.
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