Locke Cole (blackjack777) wrote,
Locke Cole

I'm back!

Did you guys miss me?

Anyway, it feels really great to have a fully functional body and all the perks that go along with it! Like being able to fully enjoy the experience of a hot bath... that was the best bath ever!

The only problem is that I feel like a complete and utter fool. I killed a guy, but I guess he's back now? I mean, that's good news I suppose, but I don't particularly fancy the idea of killing people.

And... what I did to Laguna. I can completely remember everything, though it feels more like watching a film than actually experiencing it, and... it sucks. Really sucks. I want to apologize, or something, but that would feel really stupid. The man will probably kill me if he sees me, and I honestly don't blame him! I would kill me too except I think lots of people would be pissed off about that!

How in the hell do I go about righting all this?
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