Locke Cole (blackjack777) wrote,
Locke Cole

Well... here we are in Figaro. I tell you, sometimes I think I know this place better than Kohlingen.

Though I am still not happy about the incident in Balamb, I have gotten over it. No hard feelings, guys. Just gotta make them believe that.

As for myself... I am doing much better. This bit of travelling has done me wonders, I think, and it's nice to be back in a familiar place.

A place where people don't look at me like I might, at any moment, revert to knight-me on impulse. Not going to happen, guys. I am completely sane. I'm starting everything all over again; I'm in love, I have really evil great friends, and I have the feeling that something wonderful's going to happen in the near future.

Now, I suppose that somewhere in this castle is something fancy I can wear for this ball.

((ooc: GIP))
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